Oil Recovery Tanks of the Ship Size

The oil recovery tank (Patent No. 20106136) includes a floating tank structure which can be towed in the water. The tank is used to transfer recovered oil from the recovery vessels.

Patented oil recovery tanks and the methods we have developed will offer many benefits for the responders:

In addition to a service life of more than 50 years, the advantages include towability and stability when towing and anchoring, as well as portability by road if necessary. In addition, our tanks are easy to empty and wash, which allows the tanks to be used over and over again almost unlimited times.

The smaller tank sizes usually are equipped with hooklift connectors, thus making road transport quick and effortless by trucks.

KK – The pair of oil recovery tanks 20m³ 30m³ 100m³ 200m³
Technical Data:
Length 5700mm 6500mm 14000mm 22800mm
Lenght with the steel bow/rubber bumber 6900mm 7700mm 15200mm 24000mm